Chicken Parmesan

When my mom had around 50 people over recently, we made chicken parmesan in addition to the chicken marsala we also made. Preparing the chicken parmesan was quite similar to how we made the chicken marsala, so it wasn’t as difficult as I expected cooking chicken to be since it was my first time.

To start off with, we had a pan filled with three eggs that were whisked, a pan with flour that had some salt and pepper in it, and another pan with panko bread crumbs. We would take the chicken we had cut in half, coat both sides in the flour, then coat both sides in the eggs. After, we then let the eggs drip off a bit before adding it to the bread crumbs to coat both sides.

IMG_9667Once all of the chicken was coated, we then placed them in a pan over medium-low heat that already had olive oil and melted butter in it. We then again cooked it on each side for a few minutes until it was done, and you know it’s done when it is white instead of pink in the inside. IMG_9673

While the chickens were cooking, we took parmesan cheese, cut it in half, and then folded each half on top of each piece of chicken. We then laid the chicken in a pan that was coated with tomato, basil, and garlic sauce. And that’s it! Super simple and easy to make, and definitely a crowd pleaser because who doesn’t love chicken parmesan? This recipe is simple, yet an easy way to impress your guests and make their tummy’s happy.

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