Dragon fruit: Round two

I had previously tried the sweeter dragon fruit, but thought it didn’t meet my expectations. I had seen pictures of dragon fruit with a white interior that’s less sweet from what I had tried, so I wanted to try that one for comparison. The next time I ventured to the Chinese market, I made sure to purchase these other dragon fruit.



I cut the dragon fruit in half and hallowed out one half. I tried it, but it tasted just like the other one – very bland. I decided to mix it with plain Greek yogurt, agave nectar and granola again. However, I added some blueberries and a cut up banana because I wanted to see if the other fruit would help from out the flavor.

When I tasted my concoction, I could hardly taste the dragon fruit in it all. It was overall tasty, but the dragon fruit couldn’t hold it’s own. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re eating dragon fruit, it’s for the nutritional benefits and not the flavor. 

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