Frozen fruit & yogurt bites

Like all good twenty-something female recipe adventures begin, I was on Pinterest and stumbled upon a recipe I wanted to try. The recipe was for frozen yogurt melts. Between that sounding like something I’d love to eat, and my Greek yogurt nearing it’s expiration date, I decided to try it out.

The recipe said to simply mix blueberries and cut strawberries with yogurt, place little scoops of it on parchment or lightly buttered cookie sheet, and let freeze for a few hours. I did this with my plain Greek yogurt, and added a touch of agave nectar for sweetness.


When I first pictured eating this, I was hoping for a sweet vanilla flavor from the yogurt. Well, I don’t know what I was thinking because I used plain Greek yogurt. The frozen melts weren’t as sweet as I had hoped, so I decided to try something. I placed honey in a bowl, and added about a splash of vanilla extract to it. I then stirred it all together, layered the bottom of my melts with it. I placed them back in the freezer so the honey could harden. I placed them with the honey side up, but the honey remained sticky and wouldn’t freeze totally.



I took a bite out of one straight from the freezer, and I recommend not doing that. You will be sadly gnawing at this little fruit and yogurt bites. If you let them sit for a minute or two, they will slightly soften. The honey and vanilla combination helped me to achieve the flavor I had hoped for. I would love to make this recipe again, but I think next time I’ll use vanilla yogurt.

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