Mexican Quinoa Patty Pita

I recently made a delicious, healthy, and super simple quinoa pita patty for lunch. I started off putting a Morning Star roasted garlic and quinoa patty in the microwave.  While I waited for that to heat up, I took a very healthy flax, oat bran, and whole wheat pita bread and  spread a light layer of avocado on it, followed by some mango peach salsa.

IMG_8960                                    IMG_8962

I then followed it with some spinach and cucumbers, and topped them with feta cheese. Once the patty was finished in the microwave, I cut it in half and placed it on the pita. For the piece de résistance, I added Sriracha on top. I folded mine as a sandwich instead of putting it inside like a typical pita, because these pitas are thiner and rip easier (either that or I tend to overstuff them). Regardless of how to layout your pita, this will taste amazing, and you’ll love it even more because of how easy and healthy it is to make.


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