Quinoa, spinach, kale, chicken, cranberry, almond & feta salad

Sometimes the best recipes are the ones we make up on the spot. I had a hankering for quinoa, but was feeling lazy so I didn’t want to put too much effort into my lunch (at least I admit it). I came up with an idea to make a quinoa, spinach, kale, chicken, cranberry, almond and feta salad, and it turned out wonderful.

To start, I put the desired amount of quinoa in a pot with water. I put it over medium heat until it boiled. Once it began to boil, I reduced the heat to low and covered it with a lid. The quinoa is done once all of the water is out of the pot.


While I was doing that, I sauteed up spinach and kale until they were wilted. I had also seasoned them with salt and pepper. Once that and the quinoa were finished, I mixed them together in a big bowl. I then added cut up rotisserie chicken. I also threw some cranberries, chopped almonds and feta cheese. I didn’t measure out these ingredients, so it’s all to taste.


This tastes great as a cold salad, but it also scrumptious warm. I placed it for about 30 seconds in the microwave to get it warm, and the cheese became wonderfully gooey. I was really happy with this quick recipe idea. There’s so much protein in it between the quinoa, chicken and almonds, that you’ll be full for a while. The cranberries added some sweetness, and all of the flavors came together well. This is a perfect dish to make some extra of, because you can easily have it for lunch the next day.


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