Turkey, herb cheese, guacamole and veggie sandwich

No matter the situation, there’s nothing like a good, warm sandwich. Sandwich making is an art, and it’s fun to experiment with different sandwich ideas. One warm Sunday afternoon, I knew I wanted a toasted sandwich with vegetables, cheese and turkey. I opened my fridge to see what my options were, and I ended up with this:



I didn’t use that many ingredients, but the sandwich still had a lot of flavor. I love the mini Wholly Guacamole cups because they’re 100 calories, and perfect to put on pretty much anything (because let’s be honest – guacamole is always a good idea). The cream cheese added a nice herb flavor and creaminess, minus all of the calories in typical cream cheese. The turkey and vegetables helped to balance out the creamier and heavier flavors. All in all, I’m happy to say this sandwich experiment worked out well. 


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