Afters Ice Cream

When you’re coming back from a night out, what’s better than some delicious dessert? If you’re in the Long Beach area, look no further than Afters Ice Cream. They serve more than just your typical ice cream, though. They serve up donuts with ice cream sandwiched in the middle.

Now I won’t lie, I hadn’t had a donut in years prior to going to Afters, so I couldn’t remember if I liked them or not. When I left Afters, though, I knew for sure I liked donuts. I ordered the milky bun, which is a typical glazed donut, with cookie butter ice cream and Cookie Crisp cereal in it. I was worried the ice cream donut sandwich would be too sweet to finish, but it surprisingly wasn’t. This sandwich was soft and warm on the outside, cold in the middle and had a bit of crunch throughout from the cereal – it had everything you could possibly want. 

The photos I took aren’t particularly great because we were standing outside and it was dark. However, I figured you’d probably want to see what this glorious sandwich looks like. It tasted better than it looks. It’s probably good I don’t live in Long Beach or else I would eat at Afters more than I should. The experience was great, though.



Afters Ice Cream

5708 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90803

Mon-Sun 12:00 PM-12:00 AM

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