Asian Bistro Black Diamond Roll

If you go to Lehigh University, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Asian Bistro. It’s a popular spot among students, especially for birthday dinners. My friend and sorority sister Meghan turned 22, so a group of us decided to go there and celebrate her birthday.

I typically get the monster roll when I go there, but I decided the time had come for me to try something different. I stumbled upon the black diamond roll, which was eel and avocado topped with smoked salmon and eel sauce. I prefer warmer rolls, not because I’m afraid of raw fish but because I like eating warm dinner, especially during the winter months.


This roll had a nice flavor to it, but it needed more eel sauce on top. My sorority sister Hilary was sitting next to me, and she had ordered extra eel sauce for her roll so I took some of her sauce. The extra sauce definitely helped the flavor and gave it the extra pizazz it needed. I liked how the eel and salmon went together, and the avocado added a creamy element that I liked.

Asian Bistro is by no means the best sushi place in Bethlehem. I would say their sushi is decent at best but it’s close to campus, making it convenient for students to go there in large groups. Next time you go to “Bistro” for an event, I would recommend the black diamond roll.


Twenty Four East Asian Bistro

24 East Third ST, Bethlehem, PA

(610) 867-5979

Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:30pm; Mon-Sat 4:30pm-9:30pm

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