Asian Bistro

If you go to Lehigh, there is no doubt you’ve heard of Asian Bistro – it is a popular Asian restaurant known for its sushi. Between it’s proximity to campus and low prices, it’s no wonder why so many Lehigh students go there for huge group gatherings. I recently went there for a joint birthday party for two of my friends – Ali and Grace.

IMG_9071I decided to start my meal off with a seaweed salad, which was comprised of seaweed and vegetables with sesame dressing. I always enjoy eating seaweed salads, and this one didn’t fall short. As much as I love seaweed salads, I never understand why they’re on the pricer side, despite their small portion size.

IMG_9073For my mail meal, I ordered the monster roll. In it was spicy eel and shrimp topped with smoked salmon and avocado. I prefer warm sushi that has some sauce on top, so this was perfect for me. Now, I’m not saying this sushi was amazing because I have definitely had better sushi. However, the rolls aren’t that expensive and considering Pennsylvania is a landlocked state, I never have very high expectations for the fish quality. All things considered, this roll was quite enjoyable. It had a spicy flavor to it with the eel and the avocado added a creamy texture. I love salmon and shrimp in my sushi, so that made me enjoy it more. The eel sauce on top gave it a nice finish so it didn’t taste too dry.

I’ve gone to Asian Bistro on multiple occasions, and the vast majority of times I’ve seen the restaurant packed with college students. Despite how rowdy the place can get when it’s jam-packed with 20-something-year-olds, the wait staff does a great job of maintaining calm, attempting to get the food out as quickly as possible, and being attentive to the customers. The ambiance isn’t all that impressive, although it is calming and welcoming. The prices aren’t bad, so combine that with the proximity to Lehigh’s campus, and this sushi establishment is the perfect place for any Lehigh student to go.

Twenty Four East Asian Bistro

24 East Third ST, Bethlehem, PA

(610) 867-5979

Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:30pm; Mon-Sat 4:30pm-9:30pm

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