Eetcafé de Brakke Grond

I honestly don’t understand how Europeans are so much  skinnier than Americans. Their food isn’t healthier and the portions aren’t smaller. Maybe there are less hormones in the food? I’m not quite sure, but I envy their petit size and large appetites.

My dinner at Eetcafé de Brakke Grond was a reminder of my jealousy.

Lindsay and I went into the restaurant starving. We both wanted the white fish with nut and herb crumb served with oven baked potatoes and ratatouille, but figured it would be a small piece of fish. We decided to order the tapas for two to start because apparently we didn’t have enough bread and cheese in Paris.

The tapas came with with gandaham, humus, Chimay cheese, olives, goat cheese croquettes, bread and tapenade. The bread was soft and I liked the cheese, but wish it were less chunky or at least easier to spread. The goat cheese croquettes stole the show, but the tapenade was particularly good, as well. I also enjoyed the hummus because of the added pine nuts and other flavors.

We were both pretty full after the tapas, but we figured our fish dish would be a light little meal. It turned out to be quite the opposite: We were served a massive piece of fried fish. Though it was delicious, it was way too much food. We both barely made a dent and requested to take it home, and the waiter assumed we didn’t enjoy it. We loved it – the fish was flaky and light, and the vegetables and potatoes were also delightful. I guess Europeans typically finish their meal because the waiter seemed confused as to why we didn’t eat it all.

Maybe Europeans can down more food than Americans? Or maybe they just eat fewer meals? The entire time I was in Paris and Amsterdam, I couldn’t figure it out. I want to know their secret to enjoying so much luxurious food but staying so fit.

Address:  Nes 43, 1012 KD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone number: 31 20 422 2666

Price: $$ Reasonable

Hours: Sun-Thur 11 AM-1 AM; Fri-Sat 11 AM-2:30 AM

Service: Decent.

Atmosphere: Hip, sleek, modern and intimate.

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