Great Jones Cafe

Enjoy the bold and eclectic flavors of New Orleans in New York City at  Great Jones Cafe.

This cute, colorful and fun restaurant is located on Great Jones Street in the Lower East Side of the city. The place is adorned with vibrant lights and their menu is written on the wall, making for a whimsical atmosphere.

The grilled lamb sausage po’boy is a decadent option. The bread it’s served on is toasted perfectly, and the lamb sausage is hearty and flavorful. The add-ons include pickles, lettuce and tomato, but this dish could have been even better if a remoulade spread was added to it. The fries are decently good and sweet potato fries are also an option.

Enjoy Cajun flair for a fair price at Great Jones Cafe. New Orleans might be far away but the authentic cuisine and fun atmosphere of Great Jones Cafe will make you feel like you’re there.

Address: 54 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012

Phone number: 212-674-9304

Price: $ Fairly cheap.

Hours: Lunch: Tues-Fri 12 PM-4 PM

Dinner: Sun-Thur 5 PM-12 AM; Fri-Sat 5 PM-1 AM

Brunch: Sat-Sun 11 AM-4 PM

Service: The service was okay and could been improved upon. The servers were slow to refill drinks and could have been friendlier.

Atmosphere: Casual, fun and easy-going.

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