La Carreta

While Steven and I were in Miami, we got some traditional Cuban food at La Carreta. We went with a group of his friends and we were all excited to try it while in Miami, because that is as close to authentic Cuban food as you can get in the United States. I decided to order to chicken carretero.

The chicken carretero was grilled boneless half chicken marinated with cuban mojo, and served with yellow rice and sweet plantains, although I requested grilled vegetables instead of yellow rice. Mojo is a type of sauce with various spices in it, and since I didn’t know much about it I figured I’d try it.

I was hoping the mojo would be spicy or at least flavorful, but it didn’t have as much flavor as I hoped for. It was still delicious, but not quite what I expected. I still throughout enjoyed the chicken, although I thought the mojo was pretty buttery and vinegar-like tasting. I enjoyed the vegetables and I was in love with the sweet plantains. They had a sweet fruity flavor to them, and I could eat them nonstop if given the chance.

The food was delicious, although our service wasn’t too great. Our server was a bit sassy, and when we told her before ordering that we wanted separate checks, she said she couldn’t do more than two, although there was close to twenty of us. She then made one check, came around and asked who was paying together, then tried to make them into separate checks, which was a hassle. It still didn’t work too well and the waitress was better at speaking Spanish, so Steven had to go speak to her because he is fluent in Spanish. Although the food was good, the service was decent and I’ve been to better Cuban restaurants before in the area that have better service. I still enjoyed my experience, although it could have been better.


La Carreta

14791 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, FL 33027

(954) 437-3602

Sun-Thur 8:00am-11:00pm; Fri-Sat 8:00am-12:00am

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