La Perla

I came all the way to Amsterdam from New York City to get pizza.

At first, I was slightly disappointed in myself. It was my first night in Amsterdam, so shouldn’t I have been indulging in some Dutch cuisine? Probably, but it’s also really hard to say no to pizza.

And at La Perla, it was pretty damn good pizza, which should mean something coming from a girl living in New York City.

I ordered the calabrese di spilinga: Calabrian, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, ‘nduja (powerful salami), oregano and spicy oil. Calabrian is a type of chili, so between that, the spicy oil and the salami, this pizza packed a lot of heat. The crust was thin, but the perfect amount so it wasn’t like cardboard and the sauce didn’t steep through. The tomatoes added a nice pop of freshness to contradict the heat, and the salami was flavorful, meaty and smokey. As you can probably guess, the cheese was good because cheese is always great when it is gooey and melty.

I didn’t peg Amsterdam to be a city with great pizza, but I was surprised. I guess Italy isn’t the only place in Europe where you can find good pizza. Though I could have probably eaten something Dutch since I can always get pizza at home in New York City, this pizza was definitely worth trying.

Address: Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 53, 1015 RZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone number: 31 20 624 8828

Price: $$ Reasonable.

Hours: Mon-Thur 10 AM-10 PM; Fri-Sat 10 AM-10:30 PM; Sun 12 AM-10 PM

Service: Good, and our server was nice and helpful.

Atmosphere: I sat outside so I didn’t get to look at the inside very much.

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