La Superior

I have a rule I’ll eat anything once. When I go out to eat, I try to pick the most daring item on the menu. Bone marrow? Sure, why not?

It’s not fun to always order the same foods and play it safe. Be adventurous and order the dish all your friends are grossed out by.

And that’s exactly what I did at La Superior.

Before I delved into my latest culinary escapade, I ordered a margarita. I chose the margarita guayaba – a slightly spicy margarita with pink guava juice, fresh lime juice and 100 percent pure agave tequila. The spicy kick paired well against the sweetness of the guava juice. This drink also contained ample tequila, which made me happy because one of my pet peeves is restaurants that sell weak expensive cocktails – if I wanted juice, I would have ordered that.


We ordered some chips and salsa for the table. Key word here: ordered. I personally believe chips and salsa should be free at Mexican restaurants (they can just build the cost in to their menu), but I understand many places don’t do that. There was a nice abundance of salsa options, but none of them impressed me. But maybe it’s because I’m more of a queso and guacamole girl.


I decided to order two interesting items and one “normal” item for my entree. I figured this way I would have one good meal in case the other two failed. I chose the sesadillas (pork brain quesadilla), taco de lengua (beef tongue taco) and the taco de Don Luis (citrus grilled chicken and spicy avocado sauce).


Believe it or not, but the brain quesadilla was my favorite. The brain on the inside was mushy and gooey from being fried. This may sound unappetizing but it got rid of any odd texture that it may have originally had. Plus, anything is good once fried. It was too oily for my taste and honestly wasn’t that great, but it was my favorite out of the three.


I tried to think which of the two tacos I enjoyed more, but I honestly can’t pick one. They were both extremely blasé. The chicken taco was topped with onion and some avocado, while the tongue taco only had the onion on it. If you’re giving me tongue on a taco, please try to jazz it up a little so I don’t feel like I’m eating straight tongue. I also felt the chicken taco could have used more pizazz. Neither taco had any depth of flavor – they both tasted like the think, raw onions they were topped with. In one word, I would describe this as unappetizing.

Taco de lengua (beef tongue taco)

The margarita may have been my saving grace for La Superior. I was happy the food was incredibly cheap because I would have been mad paying more for the quality of food I was served. In addition to the below average meal, the restaurant was sweltering hot. Instead of central AC, they had one measly fan to cool down the entire establishment. Not only did this make me nervous about getting food poisoning, but I was also uncomfortable. The music was way too loud and I had to scream to hear the people next to me. I wouldn’t eat here again, nor would I recommend anybody eat here.


La Superior

295 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


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