Lily Sushi Grill

It sounded too good to be true – $10 for all you can eat sushi? Apparently this amazing deal is real and can be found at Lily Sushi Grill. I love sushi and I can eat a lot of food, so I was up for the challenge. I went to Lily Sushi Grill for lunch with six of my other friends. We went for lunch instead of dinner because the dinner special is $20. We arrived hungry and ready to down a lot of sushi.

Before I begin, there is a lack of pictures for this post because trying to tell six other people not to dig in right away is more difficult than I thought. So I am sorry but there is only the one picture for this post. Now, I continue.

A special menu is brought out for this sushi special and you can order however much you want of the food. We decided to split the order in half between the group so we used two paper ordering menus. I was with my friends Lindsay and Sebastian for the order. Appetizers are also included so we decided to all three split two orders of the crab rangoon. The crab rangoon was so scrumptious – it was warm and crunchy with a gooey and soft cheesy interior. I also ordered the hot and sour soup while Lindsay and Sebastian ordered the seaweed salad. They didn’t say how the seaweed salad was but they ate all of it. I thought the soup was pretty good but it was thicker than I like it to be.

For our sushi, we split the eel cucumber roll, the salmon avocado roll, the yellowtail scallion roll, the salmon skin roll (salmon skin, cucumber and eel sauce), the Allentown roll (mixed white fish, avocado, cheese deep fries and eel sauce with spicy mayo), the red California roll (crabmeat, avocado, oshinko, tempura flakes and sweet sauce), the queen roll (crab, cucumber, salmon and spicy may0), the perfect match roll (crunch, spicy shrimp, crab and spicy mayo) and the king roll (crab, cucumber, tuna and spicy mayo). I can’t really begin to tell you which was which on the platter because the waiter never told us. All of the rolls were good and we didn’t have any complaints.

My biggest take-away from this dinning experience is that it is a great deal for a lot of food. See that picture of the sushi at the top of this post? Yeah, Lindsay, Sebastian and I ate that all in less than 10 minutes. Plus we had appetizers. No shame. You can go there and get a ton of food for really cheap. The sushi isn’t anything spectacular – I would say it’s average. But for $10 all you can eat, it is a fabulous deal worth trying.


Lily Sushi Grill

1908 Walbert Ave Allentown PA 18104


Mon-Thur 11:00 AM-10:00 PM; Fri-Sat 11:00 AM-11:00 PM; Sun 12:00 PM-10:00 PM

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