Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines, and I’ve found my Indian restaurant home at Nawab. I eat there all the time and they’ve been there for big moments in my life, like two birthday dinners. However, I was recently told my some friends at Lehigh that Mayuri Indian Cuisine is even better. Lindsay also loves Indian food, so we figured we would go try out this new restaurant and see how it compares to Nawab.

I won’t lie – Lindsay and I were nervous. We were so scared Mayuri would be better than Nawab, and we didn’t want that to happen because we’re such loyal patrons to Nawab. During our dining experience at Mayuri, we carefully critiqued it and compared it to Nawab in every aspect.

Most Indian restaurants bring out papadums with sauces as a starter. Mayuri’s papadums were served with with cilantro/mint chutney and tamarind sauces. They’re papadums were shaped almost like tacos, and they didn’t have the spicy chili sauce that Nawab does. However, it’s hard to mess up papadums and sauces.


We also ordered a mango lassi, which is a yogurt blended drink with mango pulp and sugar. It was tasty but a little thicker than what I’m used to.


I ordered the chicken vindaloo for my entree, which is a boneless chicken and potatoes cooked in a spicy tangy sauce. I always order the chicken chili at Nawab, but that wasn’t on the Mayuri menu. I’ve had chicken vindaloo before, but it was at an Indian restaurant home in Florida. Mayuri’s chicken vindaloo was better than that one, but it had nothing on the chicken chili. Lindsay always gets kadai paneer at Nawab and she also ordered that at Mayuri. She said it was a bit more flavorful than Nawab’s, but she still liked Nawab’s more. My meal was also very flavorful, but the chicken chili is still my absolute favorite Indian dish.


Lindsay and I always split a garlic naan with our meals, so we ordered that along with our main dishes. The naans were cut up more than Nawab’s, which I liked. The garlic naans were also more flavorful than Nawab’s, and I really enjoyed them.

Overall, Mayuri was delicious. I really liked what I got, and they definitely serve good Indian food. They didn’t compare to Nawab, though. Maybe it’s because I’m biased or because I’m too stuck on the chicken chili, but Nawab is still my favorite Indian restaurant in the Lehigh Valley area.


Mayuri Indian Cuisine

1162 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052

Mon-Sun 11:30 AM-3 PM; 5:00 PM-10 PM

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