Mojo’s on the Harbor

I had just arrived home in Florida and it immediately felt like summer for me – the sun was blazing, the palm trees were gently blowing in the wind and I had that nostalgic feeling one gets for their summer days as a child. I would only be home for one day, though, as I would pack my bags and venture off the next day for a week long vacation and Memorial Day holiday at Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

My friend Nicole, whom I’ve known since pre-school, goes every year with her family. I had gone with her twice before, but that was when we were in high school. Last time I had traveled to Bald Head with Nicole was actually after we had just graduated high school – we even took a picture of us wearing the shirts of where we would soon attend college (Lehigh, for me obviously, and Auburn for her). Funny how things come full circle – embarking on this vacation together before we entered college and embarking on it together again after we both graduated. Before I get all nostalgic and sappy about having just graduated, let me stop myself so we can start talking about the important thing here – Bald Head Island and the food it has to offer.

Bald Head Island is a small island off the coast of North Carolina. Some of it’s many attractions include the breezy and beautiful beaches, abundance of nature, choice of two swanky country clubs you can belong to in order to enjoy their amenities (my favorite being the pool and bar), conservancy to protect the nature and educate the island-goers on the sea turtles, option to participate in outdoor water activities, and my all time favorite – food. Bald Head Island tends to attract a preppy and affluent crowd, so the dinning options tend to be on the finer and pricer side. The island offers an array of restaurant options with all different types of dining. Of course, we sampled pretty much all of them.

It was our first night on the island and we decided to dine at Mojo’s on the Harbor. This restaurant is located in the central point of the island – the marina – but it’s view of the sunset at night is more of a reason to go there than it’s prime location. Mojo’s menu offers choices of seafood, land animal for the non-seafood-eaters, sushi and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Since I was on an island, I of course had to order some seafood. Salmon is hands-down my favorite fish (I definitely eat it more than any person should), so I ordered the grilled wild caught salmon with steamed spinach and roasted red potatoes. I requested it to be a little more rare because I like my seafood a little undercooked. My seafood came out cooked just the way I like it, but the skin was a little too crispy on top for my liking – the overcooked top was a bit much when contrasted to the undercooked bottom-half of the fish. The spinach was really good, but the red potatoes were really the star. I enjoyed taking a little bit of each thing and combining them together for a superior bite.


I had a lovely first dinner on the island with Nicole and her parents. We all enjoyed our meals, the lovely view of the marina and the good company. The service was pretty good but could have used a bit of touching up to be better – we kind of lost our waiter for a little bit. The interior of the restaurant is very relaxed and almost bar-like in feel. As aforementioned, the food on the island does tend to be a bit pricer because of the crowd the island attracts. However, this meal wasn’t by any means unreasonable – I believe my salmon was about $20-some dollars, which is very standard for salmon. This dinner hit the spot after a long day of traveling, and I looked forward to the rest of our time on Bald Head Island.


Mojo’s on the Harbor

10 Marina Wynd, Bald Head Island, NC 28461


Mon-Sun 11:30 AM–10:30 PM

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