I truly believe dates are one of the most underrated fruits. Sure, they’re pretty ugly but they’re sweet, delicious and satisfying. I love eating them with almond butter or adding them to smoothies. At Omelegg, I enjoyed them in my eggs.

I ordered the date omelette with fresh dates, walnuts, honey and cinnamon. I requested to add farmer’s cheese in it because cheese makes everything better. The omelette was deliciously sweet from all the ingredients, and the cheese made it even better – duh. The menu said it came with a salad, which I was assuming meant a side of greens. It ended up coming with fruit, which was great, but I really needed some vegetables. I ordered a side salad to go with it, which was an upcharge, but worth it. Whole wheat toast was served with the omelette, as well, and the bread was fresh and soft.

I enjoyed another sweet breakfast, but at least this time it was sweet from fruit and not Nutella. Try adding dates to your eggs sometime for a sweet, satisfying and delectable meal.

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 143, 1072 LH Amsterdam (there’s another location in City Centre)

Phone number: 020 – 370 1134

Price: $$ Reasonable.

Hours: Mon-Fri 7 AM-4 PM; Sat-Sun 8 AM-4 PM

Service: Decent but could have been better.

Atmosphere: Cute, hipster, colorful and young.

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