Pom Pom’s

Crispy and refreshing vegetables nestled between melted cheese and toasted bread is my ideal kind of sandwich. Steven and I were looking for a quick and light dinner, so my friend, Emily,  recommended Pom Pom’s Tea House & Sandwicheria to me. I had tried to go there once before many years ago, but it was too busy so I left. I had completely forgotten about it until Emily mentioned it, so I figured that would be an ideal place to go.


While glancing over the menu, I saw that they offer a wide variety of flavorful sandwiches. I had a hard time decided what to order, but I eventually decided on the veggie sandwich. I ordered it on whole wheat bread, and it came with tomato, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, red onions, avocado, cream cheese, provolone cheese and thousand island dressing. I decided to swap the cream cheese and thousand island dressing for spinach and sun dried tomatoes, in hopes of making it a healthier option. I noticed the Asian slaw on the menu, which was red and white cabbage, scallions, cilantro, carrots and tangy sweet sesame. That sounded too good not to pass up, so I ordered a side of it.

My sandwich came out perfectly toasted, and the cheese was just the right amount of gooey. I eagerly bite into it, but it was lacking that extra pizazz to make it scrumptious. I immediately knew the issue – my quest to be healthier had consequently resulted in a less tasty sandwich. Had I not changed the sandwich, I’m sure it would have provided me with the flavor I was seeking. However, I found a solution to this predicament. My mom taught me to build flavors, which is essentially just mixing your food together. I put some of my Asian slaw on my sandwich, and it provided some extra oomph. I love coleslaw, and I also love Asian flavors, so this was a great mash-up for me. The tangy sweet sesame sauce gave it the necessary flavor that complimented the other ingredients well. This, with my sandwich, meshed well and I was pleased with my meal.

IMG_1383Steven ordered what looked like the most savory item on the menu: Mama Ling Ling’s Thanksgiving. It was a sandwich stuffed with turkey, Gouda, stuffing, ginger cranberry chutney, mashed potato, and cream cheese with a side of gravy. Obviously, I had to steal a bite. It tasted just like Thanksgiving all in one bite. It was the perfect comfort food sandwich – the kind that makes you tummy warm and happy, and makes you feel like you’re eating Thanksgiving with your family. To add to the Thanksgiving comfort food flavors, he also ordered a side of German potatoes, which were served with scallions and bacon. I tried these as well, and they were tasty but had nothing on the sandwich. When Steven finished his meal, he said it hit the spot and he was very content.

IMG_1379The food was good and I want to go back again and try out some of their other sandwiches. I’m also a tea addict, and their abundance of tea options is also enough to bring me back. However, the restaurant is very small and can’t fit many people. I was a bit uncomfortable with how we were sitting, because it was tight and awkward. The restaurant also has a hipster vibe to it, but they were playing hardcore rock music. Not only did the music not fit the atmosphere, but they were also playing it too loud. My waiter was extremely nice and accommodating, plus the food was good, so I’m willing to overlook these set-backs and go there to eat another time.

Pom Pom’s Tea House & Sandwicheria

67 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

(407) 894-0865

Mon-Wed 11:00am – 10:00pm; Thur 11:00am – 5:am; Fri 11:00am – 12:00am; Sat 24hrs; Sun 12:00am – 6:00pm

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