Restaurant Week: Tap Room

As restaurant week continued, so did my adventures. The next stop on my list was Tap Room, a restaurant located in Hotel Bethlehem. With lunch being only $15, it was hard to say no.

I began my meal with the grilled asparagus, which came with portobellos, roasted peppers, pea shoots and miso vinaigrette. This dish was flavorful and good, but it didn’t knock my socks off. I do love asparagus, though, and was happy with my choice.


I ordered the orchiette with duck confit, braised leeks, parmesan, truffle oil and duck cracklins for my entree. I was very impressesd and satisfied with this dish – it was creamy and rich, yet hardy and meaty with the duck. I’m normally a very fast eater but I tried very hard to eat this slow in order to savor my meal. Thinking about it now makes me wish I had more.


This was my first experience at the Tap Room and I was pretty impressed. It was fancier than I expected, though, so don’t be a fool like me and wear your panda bear sweater out to eat here. The server was friendly but I noticed our service was a tad slow – it could be attributed to the fact they were busy or that it’s the kind of restaurant where they want you to take your time. Regardless, I had a lovely lunch with good food and great friends.


Tap Room

437 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018


Breakfast 6 AM-11 AM

Lunch 11 AM-4 PM

Dinner 4 PM-10 PM

Entrees available until 10pm; Limited menu after 10 PM til close

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