Sandbar Grille at the Shoals Club

It was official – I was on island time. My days at Bald Head Island were being spent waking up later than usual, laying out by the pool and the beach, drinking cocktails and doing whatever floated by boat at the moment. I know, it was a rough life.

Nicole and I were enjoying the relaxation after having just finished up school, and it was nice getting to catch up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. Her parents had gotten temporary memberships for the Shoals Club and the Bald Head Island Club for our stay there, so we had our pick of where we wanted to go each day. Nicole and I preferred the Shoals Club because of it’s easy beach access, so most of our days were spent there.

We spent so much time at the Shoals Club, that we actually ended up getting lunch at the Sandbar Grille at the Shoals Club twice. It was Memorial Day the first time we dined there, so I obviously had to get some type of burger. Instead of going with the traditional hamburger, though, I decided to get the shellfish burger so I could enjoy the chance to eat more seafood while on an island. The shellfish burger was a shrimp and crab patty, remoulade, lettuce, tomato, onion and brioche pun. It also came served with a dill pickle and the option of fries or fresh fruit. I obviously went with fries because calories don’t count on vacation or on a holiday, and being that it was Memorial Day that meant it was a double no calorie day – obviously, this is proven science. I was so happy with this choice because the burger was superb. The patty tasted like a crab cake with shrimp in it – it was extremely delightful. The remoulade was also a great addition because it was creamy and added just a lovely hint of spice to this dish. The bun was well toasted and I was happy with all my fixing. Oh, and the fries were definitely a good call and way more satisfying than fruit. These fries were perfectly crispy. Everything about this meal was a winner for me.


The second time I ate at the Sandbar Grille, I went with a salad instead in an attempt to be a little healthier. I ordered the California chef salad, which came with spinach, shrimp, avocado, sundried tomatoes, egg, brie and balsamic vinaigrette. This salad was quite tasty, and I was happy the chef took the tails off the shrimp for me (one of my pet peeves is when the tails are left on because I’d rather not be bothered with taking them off). The avocado and brie cheese gave this dish a nice creamy element, while the egg and shrimp loaded it with protein. I had been eating a lot of chips and carbs on this vacation (because that’s just what happens at the beach), so I felt like I got the nutrients I really needed from this salad and it was a nice change of pace for me. Did it stand up to the shellfish burger? No, but I was in desperate need of a salad and this one did the job.


If you’re a member of the Shoal’s Club, I would recommend eating at the Sandbar Grille. You’re not allowed to eat by the pool so the area they have you eat in is quite nice and is still outdoors. The service was good, except I didn’t appreciate the waitress telling me I look like I’m 12 when I went to order a beer (for the record, I am 21 and was able to show her my ID to prove her wrong). Besides the slight ego-crushing moment, the service was good. The food is priced well, but their drinks at the Shoal’s Club are definitely much pricer than the Bald Head Island Club. However, the Shoal’s Club is much nicer in appearance because it is a newer venue. If you do dine at the Sandbar Grille, though, definitely get the shellfish burger.


Sandbar Grille at the Shoals Club

100 Station House Way, Bald Head Island, NC 28461


Hours vary on season. Please see here to check hours

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