Shankara Buddha Bowl & BBQ Tofu

I was recently talking to two of my friends, Taylor and Karen, who are vegan. I was talking to them about Shankara Vegan Restaurant, assuming that they had been, and I was shocked to find out they hadn’t. We immediately planned a lunch date because I was insistent that they try it – plus I hadn’t gone in a while and was looking for an excuse to go back.

There isn’t a set menu at Shankara, so you never know what they’ll have to offer each time you go in. I saw that this time, they had BBQ tofu with kale and red rice. I had once tried the BBQ tofu when I went there for the Friday night buffet, and I loved it. I automatically knew I wanted that, and Taylor decided to order it as well. Karen went with the buddha bowl, which consisted of black beans and sweet potato curry over raisin masala quinoa.


The BBQ tofu that Taylor and I both ordered was delicious. I loved the BBQ flavor on the tofu, and I was happy to have the kale with it to give the dish some greens. The red rice added some needed substance since the tofu and kale both has softer textures. The dish also came with a pumpkin cashew sauce, which was tasty but it was too cold for me. I would have liked to have it served warm since it is frigid in Pennsylvania and the rest of the dish was warm. I would definitely order this again though.


I wasn’t able to try Karen’s buddha bowl, but she said she really enjoyed it. The presentation of her food, like every other meal at Shankara, is beautiful and it looks so nice that you don’t want to eat it. I would consider ordering this sometime because of how much Karen seemed to like it.

Vegan food tends to be expensive, so I was going in knowing it wouldn’t be a cheap meal. The past few times I’ve gone there, my meal cost about $16 and I had leftovers. This time, I was able to finish my entire meal while being perfectly satisfied so I was concerned that it would cost $16. When my tab was rung up though, I learned that they offer a half portion so my meal only cost about $8. Personally, I really like this half portion option because even though I didn’t get leftovers, it is the perfect amount of food and it was less money at once. The owner of the restaurant prepares all of the food, and does it beautifully. She’s also very friendly and I always have an enjoyable experience there. If you are a fan of vegan cuisine, Shankara is a great place to check out.


Shankara Vegan Restaurant

201 E 3rd St, Bethlehem, PA 18015

(484) 330-6405

Tues 10am – 2pm, 6pm – 9pm; Wed – Thu 10am – 2pm; Fri 10am – 2pm, 5pm – 10pm; Sat 5pm – 10pm; Sun 10am – 3pm

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