Across the East River and tucked away in Brooklyn is a festival fit for foodies of all kinds – Smorgasburg. This festival showcases over 100 local vendors every Saturday and Sunday from April until November. Basically, you can get anything your heart desires there, such as BBQ, ice cream, vegetarian burgers and kebabs.

If you’re like me and have a hard time picking one thing to eat, then this festival is a dream come true. It gives you the opportunity to taste a variety of cuisines by ordering smaller fare or sharing larger items with your friends. I knew going in that I wanted something sweet, so I started off with a small and savory entree.

What intrigued me about C Bao Asian Buns was the buns themselves. They were itty-bitty in size – only measuring to be about as big as the palm of my hand. They were also white and puffy, almost reminiscent of a marshmallow. I chose the pecking duck bun, a medley of duck meat and skin, cucumber, scallion and C Bao sauce. I found this sandwich to be as delightful as it looks. The bread was as soft and squishy as an actual marshmallow, but don’t worry it wasn’t as sweet as one. The sauce was the perfect saltiness to stand up to the meaty and robust flavors of the duck with skin. The cucumber and scallion added a nice cooling element to the sandwich.


To satisfy my sweet tooth, I ordered Wowfulls. This company sells the 1950’s-style Hong Kong egg waffles. Essentially, it’s ice cream inside of a waffle and you can add Pocky sticks. My creation was the chocolate Wowfull with mint chocolate chip flavor ice cream, Oreo Cookie Crumbs, chocolate banana Pocky, and caramel and chocolate drizzle. I was so excited to try this decadent dessert, but it sadly didn’t meet my expectations. Although this ice cream concoction looks monstrous, it’s really only one scoop of ice cream. The ice cream tasted like your average ice cream, and I was left with a soggy waffle once I finished it. I’m glad I got the experience of eating a Wowfull, but once was enough. 


Between the sweltering heat and the sugar taste in my mouth, I was in desperate need of a refreshing beverage. I couldn’t justify spending $4 on a bottle of water, so I decided to spend $4 on a fruit beverage. I wandered over to Rubyzaar Baked and ordered a watermelon citrus aid. This drink was everything I needed in that moment and more. It wasn’t sweetened at all, so I didn’t add to the sugar taste in my mouth. This beverage was the perfect revitalizing drink for a warm day. My only complaint would be that they used paper straws so they got soggy and sad.


My first adventure to Smorgasburg was a success. I got a nice variety of tasty foods and enjoyed the view of the Manhattan sky line with some good friends. Enjoy the weekend and the warm weather with an myriad of food options.


90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sat-Sun 11 AM-6 PM

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