The Bethlehem Farmer’s Market

Today I ventured down to the Bethlehem Farmer’s Market which is located at 4 Campus Square at Lehigh University. Despite my frequent trips to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market back home in Florida, I had never been to the Bethlehem Farmer’s Market until today. The Bethlehem market was much smaller than the one I’m used to in Florida but it was still a nice time. The vendors sold things such as produce, honey, soaps, desserts, and popcorn. In addition, there were food trucks and a musician. There weren’t many fruits to purchase but the vegetables they had looked great – especially the heirloom tomatoes, which are currently in season. The produce all looked very fresh and full of color. I had a sample of the kettle corn from The Popcorn Pit truck, which was pretty good but it could have been a little bit sweeter and saltier.

I decided to go to The Täza Truck that was there and get lunch. The Täza Truck sells freshly made Egyptian cuisine, and as a bonus offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. I ordered the Ful sandwich which had fava beans stewed overnight along with onions, garlic, spices, and tahini sauce all wrapped together in a pita. I was ecstatic for my sandwich because it sounded delicious and I was trying something new. Unfortunately, the sandwich didn’t reach my expectations. It wasn’t warm enough and it was lacking in spice – I thought it could use some Sriracha but I also am obsessed with Sriracha and put it on most of my food as you will soon see. If not Sriracha, some kind of kick was needed. Toward the end of my sandwich, I had one really good flavorful bite that tasted the way I hoped it would – kind of a mix between a spicy gyro and falafel. One of my friends later told me she also went to that truck and she said she got the Chicken Shawarma sandwich. She said it was excellent and very flavorful and spicy, which is what I hoped my sandwich would taste like. I want to go to The Täza Truck again and try something else because the rest of their menu looked very intriguing and delicious; it contains foods that I love – like falafel – and foods I’ve never had but would like to try – like the Chicken Shawarma.

While waiting for my order at The Täza Truck, I went to the OMG Smoothies truck. From there I got a delicious smoothie that contained mango, blue agave (agave is a natural sweetener and is a healthier option), and cherries. The smoothie had a very smooth taste and wasn’t too sweet or overly fruity; I would recommend getting it.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the Bethlehem Farmer’s Market. The food was reasonably priced and there was a nice variety of things to purchase. I will say that the market isn’t as nice and full of options as the Winter Park Farmer’s Market that I go to back home, but it is definitely worth going to.


Bethlehem Farmer’s Market

4 Campus Square, Bethlehem, PA 18015

(605) 351-2979

May 1st-October 30th, 2014

Thur 11am-3pm


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