The Diner

Somewhere between Port Authority and the Meat Packing District of Manhattan, my Aunt Barbara, our family friend Mrs. Leslie and I were getting grouchy and needed food. Although some people joke about being “hangry” – hungry angry – this is no joking matter. When I am hungry, and apparently when Mrs. Leslie is also hungry, food is required or else snappy remarks are ensued. While looking for a place to eat lunch that wasn’t too crowed, we stumbled across a promising restaurant called The Diner.

As starved as I was, I knew a light lunch was best because it was already 2:30 PM and we planned on getting dinner around 6 PM. I browsed over the menu, and opted for the roasted beet and goat cheese salad. The salad was arugula, greens, pistachios and balsamic vinaigrette, and then I got grilled shrimp in it. The menu had a good variety of options, though, and there were plenty of other things I would have liked to order. Based off their menu, The Diner seemed like a crowd-pleaser kind of place – you could go with friends who have different tastes and everyone would be happy.

My salad was overall tasty, although I’m not a huge fan of when restaurants leave the tails on grilled shrimp. I also could hardly taste the dressing, so I wasn’t sure if it was just lightly put on or forgotten all together. The crostini that came out on top of my salad had a delicious helping of cheese on it, but it was so toasted that it was hard to eat. Although this wasn’t the best salad I ever had, my Aunt Barbara and Mrs. Leslie really enjoyed their sandwich and chili. I would go back to The Diner if I had the opportunity, but I wouldn’t order this salad again.


I was overall satisfied and left not hangry, which was definitely a good thing. The service was decent and the prices were reasonable, especially for New York City. I think my salad wasn’t overly indicative of what The Diner has to offer, but it was still tasty.


The Diner

44 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011


Mon. 8 AM-2 AM; Tues. 8 AM-3 AM; Wed.-Thur. 8 AM-5 AM; Fri. 8 AM-6 AM; Sat. 9 AM-6AM; Sun. 9 AM-2 AM

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