Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Whilst wandering through SoHo and Bleecker St. in Manhattan, my Aunt Barbara, our family friend Mrs. Leslie and I scoped out the array of high fashion stores and specialty eateries. We were particularly enticed by Steve Maddan shoes and the delectable delicacies in the fancy cheese store. We enjoyed the sights, but also made sure to look out for a place to eat. We walked by Trattoria Pesce Pasta and my aunt mentioned it’s a great place to eat because the food is delicious yet reasonably priced – especially for Manhattan. We looked over the menu and decided it was a winner so we would stroll through the streets some more and return later.

The interior of the restaurant had a lovely older and elegant feel to it. Although it was small and a wee tight, I really liked the atmosphere. Our waiter came over to introduce himself and he was charming and funny. I had a good feeling this restaurant wouldn’t disappoint, especially because my aunt spoke highly of it.


To start, I ordered broccoli rabe. I love broccoli rabe and this order of it was delectable. Aunt Barbara and Mrs. Leslie both tried it and raved about how good it was. If anything, it could have used a little more salt but it was tasty. Mrs. Leslie ordered mussels and we all couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the sauce was. The sauce was exquisite and really made the entire dish. It also made for a great sauce to dunk our bread in, because it was that phenomenal.


I ordered the salmon for my main meal. As my side, I requested spaghetti pasta with oil and garlic sauce. My salmon was tasty, but it needed more salt and it needed a lot of the side sauce to really give it some pizazz. It was good, but not the best salmon I’ve had and I was hoping for it to be a bit better. Mrs. Leslie even said her fish needed salt, and she never adds salt to food. However, the pasta was the show stopper. I wish I had gotten main meal pasta dish because it was so good, especially considering I got such a bland pasta. I’d even go so far to say this was one of the best pastas I’ve had in a while.



The three of us had a lovely evening out and we were so pleased with our meals. Aunt Barbara was right, it was great food for a good price. I would love to go back again and get a fancy pasta dish because they made even simple pasta so scrumptious.



Trattoria Pesce Pasta
262 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014
212-645 2993
Mon-Sun 12 PM-12 AM

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