Winkel 43

Maybe it’s a crime against the American Dream, but I had the best apple pie in my life in Amsterdam.

Call me un-American, but Winkel 43 knows how to do it. But before I tell you about the pie, I’ll tell you about what led up to it, because the best stuff is always saved for last.

Amsterdam is known for their beer; they even have a Heineken factory. I ordered a Amstel Radler, which was delicious, sweet and tasted like lemonade. If you like lighter, sweet beers, this is for you.

I ordered the  B’stella essouira, or Moroccan fish quiche with cucumber salad. It wasn’t quite a quiche – more of a fish wrapped in filo dough – but it was delightful. The filo dough was crispy, and the inside was soft and tender from the fish. I really liked the spices in the fish, but I thought the cucumber salad could have used some. It was very bland and not seasoned at all, but it was refreshing.

Now, for the apple pie. This slice was massive and finished with whipped cream on top. What made this pie so special, aside from the soft, warm apple center contrasting against the crispy, buttery crust, was the raisins. The raisins brought this pie to a new level of sweetness and delight. It was so good, it still haunts my dreams.

If you’re in Amsterdam, it’s honestly worth it to make a trip to Winkel 43 to try their apple pie. It’s just that good.

Address: Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone number: 31 20 623 0223

Price: $$ Reasonable.

Hours: Mon 7 AM-1 AM; Tues-Thur 8 AM-1 AM; Fri 8 AM-3 AM; Sat 7 AM-3 AM; Sun 10 AM-1AM

Service: Okay, I don’t think our server liked us. She kept attending to other customers or sitting down to talk to people.

Atmosphere: We sat outside so I didn’t get to see the inside.

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