BBQ Chicken

Cooking meat for the first time on your own can be intimidating. Even though I know how to cook it, it is always comforting to have my mom there to guide me when I’m uncertain. Since I’m back at school, I can’t rely on her to be by my side at the stove. I decided to be adventurous and try it by myself.

Now, cooking chicken is actually very simple, but the trick is trying to get flavor. I decided to put salt and pepper on each side of the chicken before I put it in a skillet with hot olive oil. I then checked it periodically to see if it was getting color and would flip it once it had. I knew the chicken was finished when I could cut into the thickest part of the meat and there wasn’t any pink in it.

While preparing the chicken, I worked on sautéing some vegetables to go with my meal. I’ve always loved the taste of mushrooms and green beans together, so I threw them in a pan with some garlic to add flavor and decided to flavor it with salt and pepper once they were cooked.

Once everything was finished cooking, I knew I needed some flavor on the chicken. I immediately went for some BBQ sauce because BBQ sauce has a way of making anything taste good. As a college student always in a hurry, this was a great meal – it was tasty, yet simple and didn’t take much time. I finished my meal content and proud of myself for cooking meat on my own.


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