Chicken Marsala

My family was having around 50 people over for dinner, so my mom decided to make chicken marsala, and I said I would help. Chicken marsala is chicken in marsala wine and a gravy sauce, with mushrooms on top. This was my first time actually cooking chicken, so I was excited to learn something new.

We started by cutting the pieces of chicken in half and then coating them in flour on each side. The purpose of the flour is to give the chicken a better color and allow the sauce to absorb more onto the chicken, giving it more flavor. We also added some salt and pepper to the flour to add more flavor.


Once they were coated in a bit of flour, we threw them on a hot saucepan that had melted butter and olive oil in it. We cooked the chicken on medium-low for a few minutes on each side until it was done. You can tell that it’s done when you cut it open at the thickest part and it is white, not pink, on the inside. When cooking these chickens, I would suggest placing a screen over the pan if you have one. Sometimes the oil will sizzle a lot, making it bounce off the pan and burn you, so the screen will help prevent this.

IMG_9680                             IMG_9681While the chicken were cooking, we took some mushrooms and cleaned them off. From there we cut off the stems and cut the mushrooms as well. Once the chicken was finished cooking, we took them out and put the mushrooms in the same pan. Although at first look, it may seem like we put a ton of mushrooms in the pan, but they cooked down so by the time it was finished, it wasn’t such an overabundance of mushrooms.

IMG_9683                             IMG_9684Once the mushrooms were finished cooking, we measured out 3/4 of a cup of marsala wine, but added a bit more for flavor so it came out being close to a cup. We then added three jars of Heinz Brown with Onions Homestyle Gravy. Remember, we were making this for 50 people so the portions are much bigger than normal. Normally, it would be 1/3 cup of marsala wine, and only one jar of the gravy. When using wine in a sauce, you don’t want to double the recipe if you’re making a larger portion because it can add an odd taste. You’re better off adding a little bit more, then tasting the sauce and seeing if you need to add more. We let the wine and gravy cook in the saucepan with the mushrooms until it started to bubble a bit.

IMG_9686                            IMG_9687

Once the mushrooms and sauce were finished cooking, we poured them on top of the chicken. Voila! It was very simple, and less complicated than I expected cooking chicken to be. Chicken isn’t my meat of choice, but I love this chicken marsala that my mom makes; it is one of my favorite chicken recipes actually because the gravy adds such a nice flavor, and mushrooms are one of my favorite vegetables. I would highly recommend trying it because of how easy and delicious it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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