Sometimes there’s no better mid-day pick-me-up than a good snack. If I eat lunch at 12, I’m always starving by around 2:30 and won’t make it to dinner without a snack – and if I don’t get my snack, I tend to get a bit grouchy. I have three favorite healthy snacks, and I’m sure if you try them, you’ll love them too.


I love the taste of dates and I don’t think they get enough credit. Sure, they do look a bit ugly, but they taste sweet and delicious. I think two dates is a good serving size, but what really gives them more flavor is a dollop of almond butter (or any nut butter that you prefer) right on top. If you’ve eaten a date before, trust me when I say you won’t want to eat one plain again after trying this. Adding a bit of nut butter on top is definitely a game changer because it adds some salty pizazz to the sweet date.


Another great snack idea is this healthy “banana split.” Take a banana and cut it in half long ways, and then add your favorite nut butter to each half. Sometimes I also add a bit of Greek yogurt on top of that, but that’s only because I love the taste of banana and plain Greek yogurt together (for your first time making this, I would recommend without the yogurt). From there, I sprinkle granola on top and then add some agave nectar. If you want more added sweetness, cranberries or cut up dates are nice to add on top as well, although they aren’t needed. For granola, I prefer Bear Naked V’nilla Almond Fit Granola because it has a lower sugar content than most granolas. I love making this because the banana is a creamy and fruity base, the nut butter adds some salty flavor, the agave enhances the sweet in the banana, and the granola give you the added crunch. This also doubles as a great breakfast.

IMG_9915I’m also a sucker for wasabi peas. Be warned not to eat a handful at once – remember, wasabi is in the name so there’s wasabi in them. If you eat too many at once, you will regret it but you’ll also clean out your sinuses very well. I think one to two at a time is a good call. This little pea acts as a perfect crunchy and spicy snack. Once I eat a few, I’m always reminded of how much I love them.

With these healthy snack tips, you can satisfy your hunger in a healthy way. Plus, you can also beat off the cranky, hungry monster in you when your stomach starts to grumble. Enjoy!


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