ABA Turkish Restaurant

Lucious cooling yogurt contains the heat of this dish, both in temperature and in spice. It mixes with the tomato sauce to create a blanket over the layers of pita bread, spiced meat and jalapeños. This is the yogurt kebab at  ABA Turkish Restaurant.

This BYOB Turkish restaurant is located in Midtown Manhattan. You can place an order for the yogurt kebab there, and get it with your choice of chicken shish, meatballs, doner or chicken adana.

Our server recommended it with chicken shish because it’s served as cut-up pieces of meat instead of shredded meat. I’ve ordered a dish similar to this before at another Turkish restaurant, but this dish from ABA Turkish Restaurant wasn’t as good as what I’ve had before. There was a lot of sauce on the plate, which caused the pita bread to get soggy underneath. There was also a lot of meat, and I think this dish would had been better if they gave you less meat but then added some sides, such as rice and greens. I was able to add a generous amount of jalapeño to each bite because the yogurt cooled it down, which I really liked.

It may not have been the best Turkish food I’ve ever had, but my standards may be high because I’ve been to Istanbul and had the joy of eating truly amazing Turkish food. If you happen to know of a great Turkish restaurant in New York City, let me know in the comments below.

Address: 325 W 57th Street NY NY 10019

Phone number: 212-969-1782

Price: $$ Expensive.

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 AM-11 PM

Service: Pretty average. Our server was helpful in deciding which meat to use. He was also friendly.

Atmosphere: Spacious, clean and simple.

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