Cactus Blue

I think it’s pretty safe to say Mexican food is generally liked by everyone. It’s always satisfying, but it can be hard to find truly good Mexican food. Lindsay and I had heard Cactus Blue made pretty authentic food. Being in Pennsylvania, it’s hard to find Mexican food of that quality, so we decided to try it out.

Once we sat down, they gave us a basket of chips and salsa. We knew we wanted guacamole so we ordered that as well. They didn’t give us that many chips in either basket, but the bowl of guacamole was huge so we were able to finish it between the two baskets. The guacamole was deliciously creamy as it should be, and I loved every bite. The chips were also perfect – they were truly authentic chips. This was a good start to our meal and we couldn’t wait for what was to come.


For my meal, I ordered the chile relleño with chorizoIt was a battered poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and chorizo meat, and I ordered hot sauce on top. Instead of rice and beans, I asked for a salad with vinaigrette. When my meal came, I began with the salad. You couldn’t taste the vinaigrette that much on it, and I was surprised they put it on a plate that had so much sauce on it from my meal. There was nothing special about the salad, but I was happy to have some greens. I then dug into my chile relleño. I was concerned the battering on it would be really heavy, but I was happy to see it was pretty light. The pepper itself was spicy and with the hot sauce on top, it was the perfect level of spiciness. There was a good amount of cheese on it to contrast against the spiciness. I also really liked the chorizo inside. Chorizo is a type of sausage and having that in the pepper gave it more substance and a depth of flavor. I overall was pleased with my meal and left with a full stomach.


IMG_0648Lindsay ordered the fish Baja tacos. They were three flour tortillas filled with red cabbage, creamy Baja sauce and cheese. She also got rice and beans on the side of her dish. The first taco she ate was lacking in Baja sauce, which she was disappointed about but the last one she ate had more. She took a bite of her rice and beans and wasn’t pleased because she didn’t think they were as authentic as she had hoped. Lindsay is from California and is used to very authentic Mexican food, so she was let down with the authenticity of Cactus Blue. She deemed her meal okay, and said she shouldn’t have had such high expectations for Mexican food in Pennsylvania.

IMG_0646When the bill came, I was pretty shocked at how expensive our meals were. Mexican food tends to be cheap, and we spent about $20 each. I don’t think $20 a person is bad for dinner at most restaurants, but Mexican food, in my experience, tends to be about half that price. 

The service was decent, nothing great but not bad. The waitress was friendly, but forgot to bring me the virgin Margarita I ordered and she got confused about splitting the check.

While we were sitting, we noticed that they had put chips and salsa on every table, even if no one was seated there. Lindsay pointed out that chips should be served warm, and I was concerned about them letting food sit out like that because flies could land on it.

The interior itself was cute and fun. The walls were painted a playful yellow, and they had some whimsical decor. Even though I enjoyed my food, I still left with a bad taste in my mouth because of the chips sitting out and Lindsay’s complaints. The food wasn’t bad by any means and I would go back, but I wouldn’t expect a cheap or authentic meal if I do.


Cactus Blue

2915 Schoenersville Rd #4, Bethlehem, PA 18017

(610) 814-3000

Mon-Thur 11:00am – 9:00pm; Fri-Sat 11:00am – 10:00pm

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