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Sometimes I look at my friends and can’t help but be proud of them. They’re all doing amazing things with their career paths – interning at Google, studying at a prestigious university for medical school and working at some of the top finance companies in the nation. Honestly, my friends are much smarter than me.

Another one of my friends recently accomplished something amazing and I love bragging about it because I’m so proud of him. My friend landed a job at NASA. That’s right, the NASA.

I won’t lie, though, there is one caveat to this amazing opportunity he accepted – he had to move out to San Francisco. I’m so happy for him, but part of me wishes he could stay on the east coast with me. Before he made the big move, he came and visited me in New York City to say goodbye.

And just like every other time a friend visits, it turned into an eating fest and a weekend of splurging on dining out.

What better way to begin the festivities than with brunch? It’s always fun catching up with friends over some gooey eggs with running yolks and bottomless drinks.

A boozy brunch spot called Carroll Place had been reccomended to us, so we decided to check it out. They have a brunch deal where you can drink unlimited brunch drinks for two hours and enjoy any brunch entree for $25. Their brunch drinks are mimosas, bloody Mary’s and sangria.

I ordered the bloody Mary as my first drink. I like bloody Mary’s, but this one was really strong. The vodka taste was very prevalent, and it made the drink a bit unappetizing. One of my friends had ordered the sangria so I got to try it. I found it pretty tasty but stuck with mimosas after my first drink.

We were too hungry to wait for our entrees so we ordered the fresh bread basket to split. This basket came with chocolate and regular croissants, zucchini muffins, ciabatta and focaccia bread. It was served with Nutella, apricot jam and butter. I don’t like sweet breads, so I let my friends enjoy those. I loved the zucchini muffin because it was moist. I thought the ciabatta and focaccia bread were decent, but if you add Nutella, jam or butter to anything it’ll taste better.


Fluffy eggs that unveiled rich yolk to be soaked up by prosciutto and toast followed up the bread basket for me. I ordered the eggs Benedict – poached eggs and prosciutto over foccacia with hollandaise. This dish also came with fries and a salad. It was a lot of food, but I was up for the challenge. The eggs Benedict were runny and delicious. I appreciated the meaty element from the prosciutto, and of course the toast paired well with the gooey yolk. I enjoyed having the choice of salad and fries because sometimes I want something light and healthy, while other times I want to splurge with fries. And then other times I don’t pick one or the other – I have them both.


As we sat chatting and enjoying our food, I tried to push the thought out of my mind that my friend was moving across the country. And even though writing this now is making me miss him, I’m happy knowing we have these memories together. I don’t know when I’ll see my friend again, but it’s comforting to know one of our last times hanging out was getting brunch, having a lovely conversation, sipping on drinks and enjoying each other’s company with some good food.


Address: 157 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10012

Phone number: 212-260-1700

Price: $$ Expensive. Their dinner menu has entrees close to $30.

Hours: Mon-Wed 5 PM-2 AM; Thur-Fri 4 PM-4 AM; Sat 11:30 AM-4 PM; Sun 11:30 AM-2 PM

Service: Very average. I understand brunch is busy but it took quite a while for a server to assist us.

Atmosphere: Cozy, wooden accents and dark lighting. They play great music at brunch and it’s very fun.

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