Gyro Omelette

I know I recently blogged about Alexandra’s Bistro, but I went back and ordered an omelette too good not to talk about. Last time I went there, I was tempted to order the bistro omelette. It is gyro meat, spinach and feta cheese, and is served with home fries and toast. I figured I would take the plunge and order it this time.

I always order my omelettes with egg whites, which I know doesn’t taste as good. However, this omelette was still amazing with just the egg whites. I couldn’t believe it was missing the yolk – I kept looking at my omelette looking for yolk but there wasn’t any. I really liked the gyro meat in it because it added an amazing meaty flavor, and the salt in it went well with the salt in the feta. I appreciated the spinach in it because it made it a bit lighter. The home fries were also delicious, and I loved putting my omelette on the wheat toast. I wasn’t sure who thought to put gyro meat in an omelette, but they’re genius.



However, there was one problem with this meal. I got the same waitress as I did last time I went there, and she had forgotten about us but I cut her some slack. This time though, she took forever to come to the table to ask for our order. Then when we went up to the counter to pay, she looked up at both of us, then looked down, shook her head and said, “some people.” We were insulted because we didn’t do anything wrong – we just tried to pay. We were nice to her so we didn’t understand the problem. I love the food at Alexandra’s Bistro, but this made me not want to go back for a while. 

Alexandra’s Bistro

9 E 4th St, Bethlehem, PA 18015

(610) 868-0366

Mon-Sat 6:30am – 7:00pm; Sun 7:00am – 3:00pm

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