The last stop on our culinary adventures in Missouri was dinner at Heidelberg. This restaurant sells mostly bar food, however, after all the BBQ that weekend I was in the mood for something lighter. The burgers and sandwiches did look tempting, but I knew I needed to err on the healthier side. There’s always an exception though – as a group we decided to get one last round of pretzel appetizers to end our trip.

We ordered the two large soft Bavarian style pretzels served warm with cheddar cheese sauce. I’ve been a pretzel fiend these past few months, so I wasn’t opposed to ordering these. After eating the pretzels at Flat Branch, these failed in comparison. Don’t get me wrong because they were tasty, but just not as great as the ones at Flat Branch. The cheese sauce wasn’t my favorite, but I always prefer pretzels by themselves anyway. I was still pleased that we ordered some pretzels, though.


After much deliberation, I decided on ordering the cajun tuna. It was yellowfin tuna, grilled medium rare with Cajun spices with a side of Cajun remoulade. It came with garlic bread, and my choice of two sides. I ordered a side salad, and asked if they could give me a side of vegetables. The waitress seemed confused by my request for vegetables because she said they don’t have many, but she said she could give me carrots and broccoli.

My side salad came out first, and I got it with balsamic vinaigrette. It was decent, and what I would expect from a bar salad. My biggest complaint with salads at bar-style restaurants is that they don’t cut up the vegetables. In my opinion, doing this is one of those necessary finishing touches.


When my meal came out, I was shocked to see they gave me raw broccoli and carrots. I know the waitress said they don’t have a lot of vegetables, but it wouldn’t have taken them very long to steam or sauté them. My tuna was okay and needed more of the spices and remoulade on it to have any flavor. The best part of my meal was the garlic bread, which was disappointing because I love tuna.


Everyone else at the table enjoyed their meals, but that’s because they ordered things like burgers. I’m sure had I gotten bar-style food too, it would have been good. It’s just hard to expect much from a bar when you order healthy foods. The food was reasonably priced, and the waitress was friendly. The decor was very bar like, as well. I would go back again, but I would make sure to get bar food instead.


410 S 9th St, Columbia, MO 65201


Mon-Sat 11:00 am – 1:30 am; Sun 10:00 am – 12:00 am

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