Korea House

As part of my mom’s birthday gift, I took her out to lunch and told her to pick any place she wanted. She decided on Korea House, because she loves Korean food but she doesn’t know anybody other than me who enjoys it. Because we went at lunch, they have great box lunch specials, similar to how Japanese restaurants have bento box lunch specials. For my meal, I ordered the gganpung saewoo box.

The gganpung saewoo box consisted of sweet and spicy shrimp with white rice, vegetables, salad, tempura tofu, tempura sweet potato, a tempura food we didn’t recognize although it was similar to an empanada, bean spouts, and kimchi. I had never gotten the sweet and spicy shrimp so I was excited to try something new. It turned out to be battered, so it wasn’t as healthy as I had hoped it would be although it was still delicious. Upon first taste, it had a very sweet flavor but not long after you ate it did you get a nice spicy kick in the aftertaste. I really enjoyed the surprise kick, and thought the shrimp were quite tasty. The rice was perfect with the shrimp to help soak up all of the sauce in it. I also really liked the salad with it to add a nice, lighter feeling to my lunch. The salad was just lettuce, and had a teriyaki tasting dressing on it. I thought the tempura tofu was good, but I really loved the sweet potato and empanda-like food – anything fried is tasty though. The bean sprouts and kimchi were also delicious and added a fresh, light alternative to the meal. I loved everything in my box, and was very pleased with my meal.

IMG_9631My mom ordered the pork bulgogi box, which was sliced pork in a spicy sauce with everything else that was in my box. I took a bite of her pork, and I understood why she orders this every time. The pork was scrumptious – it had the consistency of pulled pork but offered a slight kick and a garlic flavor to it. I preferred her dish over mine, and I would order this for myself next time I return.


The restaurant isn’t overly fancy, although it is decorated pretty well. The servers were decent – not fantastic but nothing to complain about. The food is reasonably priced on the lower end, and you get a lot of food for your money. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try Korean food, I would recommend Korea House. In addition to the great lunch box specials, they also have Korean BBQ and a Korean-Chinese food fusion, so they have a wide-variety of options I am looking forward to trying next time I go back.


Korea House

1155 West State Road 434, Longwood, FL 32750

(407) 767-5918

Mon, Wed-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm

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