Leopold’s Ice Cream

While home for spring break, I went with my friend Steven to Savannah, GA because he’s from there. He had mentioned to me once before when he was home that he was at Leopold’s with his friends. He said it as I should know about it, but I didn’t so I inquired. He informed me that Leopold’s is a famous ice cream place, so I told him we had to go there when we go to Savannah.

We had spent the day walking around the downtown area and by the riverside, so we decided to end the day with some ice cream. We got there at around 2 pm, and the line was out the door – I can’t imagine what it looks like on a weekend night. As we stood in line, the employees came out with the menu so we could begin to think about what we want. I learned that Leopold’s make their ice cream fresh daily, but they also serve an assortment of food as well. Two flavors caught my eye while glancing over the menu – chocolate chewies and cream, and honey almond and cream.

They both sounded delicious, so I figured I would sample them once we got inside. Once we were finally inside, I saw that the place was adorned with movie posters and an older decor style that was quite charming. When it was our turn, I sampled both flavors. The chocolate chewies and cream contained pecans and fudge brownies, which I really enjoyed. The honey almond and cream was also delicious, but I went with the chocolate chewies and cream.


Note: I was a bit overly eager and dug in to my ice cream before taking a picture. This is a few bites in.

I ordered my ice cream in a kiddie cup with caramel and rainbow sprinkles in it (I like to get a kiddie cup so I can get more flavors, because in my mind it balances out the calories and is more economical. Plus, I get bored with ice cream if it doesn’t have enough textures and flavors). I liked the pecans in the ice cream because Georgia is known for their pecans, and I’ve always loved butter pecan ice cream. I’ve also always been a sucker for ice cream with fudge brownie in it, so between the two I was extremely happy with my choice. As always, caramel and rainbow sprinkles were the perfect touch and added the extra crunch and sweetness that I needed. My only regret is that I didn’t get a bigger cup because it was delicious.

Steven got the honey almond ice cream, which was equally delicious. It had a great level of sweetness with the honey in it, and the almonds added a lovely crunch to it. He ended up not finishing his cone, so I happily finished it for him (I got a kiddie cup so it’s okay, right?).

The ice cream didn’t disappoint and was worth the wait, although we waited about 10 minutes. Regardless of how good it was, I wouldn’t regularly wait for ice cream for that long but considering I was trying famous ice cream for the first time, it was necessary. If you happen to be in Savannah, I would recommend going to Leopold’s for some decadent ice cream.





Leopold’s Ice Cream

212 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 234-4442

Mon-Thur 11:00am-10:00pm; Fri-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm; Sun 11:00am-10:00pm

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