Publix Subs

Since I’ve lived up north, I always hear people rave about how great Wawa sandwiches are. Anyone from the South will agree with me that Publix subs are far superior. Yes, it is a grocery store so obviously they are better than sandwiches from a gas station, but people who’ve never been to Publix seriously underestimate how good their subs are (plus, we call them subs and not hoagies – whatever that’s suppose to be). While home for spring break, I made a point to go to Publix.

I have perfected by sub order, so I always get the same thing now. It consists of:


Their Italian bread is one of the things that make Publix subs much better than Wawa. The Italian bread is baked fresh daily and includes oat flakes, cracked wheat, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and millet. Another bonus is Boar’s Head turkey, which is better quality meat in general. I also appreciate that they give you a bag full of pickles on the side if you ask. I used to not eat pickles, but a few months ago I tried them again and now I’m obsessed. I very happily ate my baggie of pickles.


This sub is perfect because the bread is fresh and the grains on top add a lovely flavor. I like adding turkey for some protein, and the cheese adds a lovely creaminess. I love eating my vegetables, so I’m happy to load this sub up with vegetables to add nutrition and flavor. The salt, pepper, oregano, oil and vinegar also add more flavor the sandwich. Regardless of how you like your sub, I guarantee you it will be delicious and you’ll why Publix is the best choice.


Publix Super Market

Location, phone number, and hour vary based on store

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