Ruth Chris Steak House

My parents had gotten a gift certificate to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for Christmas, so the three of us went out to dinner there one night. I hadn’t been there in years, so I was excited to go out to eat there again because I remember the food being great and the atmosphere being very nice and formal.

To start with, we ordered an appetizer of calamari that comes in a sweet and spicy Asian chili sauce. The sauce on it was amazing and the calamari was cooked perfectly. I normally don’t eat much calamari, but I couldn’t get over how good these were, so I kept scooping more and more onto my plate. I would highly recommend getting these as an appetizer.


(note: this isn’t how the calamari came out. We got overly eager to eat it, so we began eating it before I was able to take a picture. This is it pictured on my appetizer plate.)

I ordered the barbecued shrimp as my entree, which was done New Orleans style in reduced white wine, butter, garlic, and spices over garlic mashed potatoes. I remembered most of their food coming in a plate swimming in butter, so when I ordered it I asked if I could have it cooked with as minimual butter as possible, and if I could get broccoli instead of mashed potatoes. The waitress told me that they had to cook it with all of that butter and with the mashed potatoes, so figured I would still order it but try to make it work. I also got broccoli on the side because I wanted vegetables. When my dish came out, I noticed that it could have been cooked with less butter, and it would have been very easy for them to leave out the mashed potatoes. I understand they wanted to make the plate look nice and pretty, so that is why the waitress said no. I just refrained from eating the mashed potatoes, and I took the shrimp out of the bowl and put it on a side plate in order to get some of the excess butter off. The shrimp was delicious though because it was spiced well and had a good flavor to it, although I would have preferred it with less butter. The broccoli was steamed well and luckily didn’t have any butter on it, although it was lacking in flavor and seasoning a bit. I overall enjoyed my meal though.

IMG_9703                             IMG_9704

My dad ordered a 5oz lobster tail with their lyonnaise potatoes on the side. Once the shell was taken off, the lobster was quite small, and my dad could have ordered two of them without it being too much food. I had a bite of one of this potatoes, and they were delicious. They tasted almost like potato chips, although they would have been tastier if they were sautéed instead of deep fried. My dad seemed to really enjoy his lobster and potatoes though.

IMG_9699                            IMG_9700

My mom ordered veal, which I took a taste of and it was very good and cooked to perfection. It also came with an excess amount of butter at the bottom of the dish though, which I guess is why it tasted so good. They warned us at the beginning that their plates are brought out at a sizzling 500 degrees, so it is best not to touch them. I, of course, tend to not listen well so I grabbed my mom’s plate and ended up burning my hand. Lesson learned: don’t touch the plates at Ruth Chris because you’re fingers will sting for a long time afterward.


We all enjoyed our meals, and had a great dinner together. Our waitress was good, although she took a very long time to take our order – we were ready for quite a while, although she didn’t ask until after we ate our appetizers, so we were sitting with our menus for a while. The atmosphere was as nice and swanky as I had remembered. The food is pricey, so expect to pay quite a bit if you go out to eat there. The food is delicious though and you get to eat in a nice, relaxing, quiet atmosphere so it is worth the money.


Ruth Chris

80 Colonial Center Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746

(407) 804-8220

Mon-Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm; Sun 5:00pm-9:00pm

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