Do you tend to frequent the same restaurants often? That happens to my family, and it’s currently with an Italian restaurant called Terramia Brick Oven Pizza, because my dad is obsessed with it. We always go there as a family and sit outside, because even if it’s a bit chilly out they have warmers to help keep you warm. Luckily, we don’t always get the same thing when we go there, because we try to mix it up. Last time we went there, I ordered their gamberoni portofino appetizer as my entree.

The gamberoni portofino is large shrimp, artichokes, and tomatoes in a Pinot Grigio wine sauce. I also asked for vegetables on the side to accompany it. The shrimp were delicious because the sauce had a nice flavor. I really enjoyed the artichokes in it because they gave the meal and nice contrasting salty flavor to the tomatoes. My vegetables were tasty, but could have used a bit more flavor in them. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal though.

IMG_9473                        IMG_9475

My mom and dad 0rdered the same thing, which was the tortellacci emiliana. It was pillow pasta filled with slow cooked beef and veal in an Alfredo sauce. It looked amazing, so of course I had to take a bite. The pasta tasted delicious, and was light and fluffy – just like you would picture a pasta with pillow in its name to taste. The beef and the veal added a lovely meaty taste to it and they didn’t contradict each other. The sauce was also great, but I couldn’t get over how great the pasta itself was. I would definitely consider ordering this for myself sometime.


The service was great as always. Because my parents go there so often, they know quite a bit of the wait staff, so we always get waited on by somebody we know. They’re always friendly and indulge in my dad’s corny jokes and silly stories. The prices are reasonable and not overly expensive. The food is always tasty, which is why we continue to go back so often. If you’re craving some good Italian food, I would recommend trying Terramia.


Terramia Brick Oven Pizza

7025 County Road 46A, Lake Mary, FL 32746-4721

(407) 333-1233

Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm

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