Thai Blossom

My mom and I love going to downtown Orlando or Winter Park to eat. One of her friends suggested we try out Winter Garden because it’s a nice town. On a warm and sunny Florida Sunday, we figured we would head out there to walk around and grab lunch.

When we arrived, we thought it was a decently cute area. However, everything seemed to be closed, which is surprising for a Sunday. Since we had driven so far out there, we decided to find someplace to eat. We stumbled upon a restaurant called Thai Blossom. Thai food is one of our favorite foods to eat together, so we picked that as our destination.

We get Thai food often, so we wanted to try something different from what we normally get. I went with the vegetable red curry, and my mom decided on the chicken pad kee mow. I asked to get brown rice instead of jasmine rice, but they said I would have to pay $2 and they would still give me the white rice. I said I would pay the extra for brown rice but didn’t want the white rice, and I thought it was interesting they were so insistent on still giving me the white rice, instead of letting me substitute it for a $1 like other places.

My vegetable red curry was vegetables simmered with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, carrots, and basil in our creamy coconut milk red curry. When my meal was brought out, I thought they had given me a ridiculous amount of rice. However, I soon learned that my dish was heavily sauce based and all of that rice was necessary to soak up the sauce. I happily dumped the whole bowl in my dish, but ate around most of the rice.


I really enjoyed the sauce because it had a lovely creamy flavor. My mom described it as similar to a traditional and rich French sauce. The vegetables in it went with the sauce very well, and it was the perfect lighter meal that I wanted. I had ordered my meal spicy and my mom ordered her’s medium spicy, but her dish turned out spicier than mine. We assumed that they mixed them up, so I just asked for more spice and it was all good.

My mom’s chicken pad kee mow (spicy basil noodles) was flat noodles, pan fried in their chili garlic sauce, mixed with basil, onions and bell peppers. Her dish had a lovely kick to it, and tasted similarly to pad Thai. I took a few bites of her chicken and it was delicious. It tasted like most Thai noodle dishes I’ve had, but there’s nothing wrong with that because they’re always great.


Our waitress was pretty friendly and the food was well priced. What really impressed me was the decor. The restaurant was beautifully decorated, and I loved the light blue color of their plates. It was a great atmosphere to sit in and was aesthetically pleasing. If this restaurant were closer to me, I would happily return.



Thai Blossom

99 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787


Mon-Thur 11:00am – 9:00pm; Fri-Sat 11:00am – 10:00pm; Sun 11:00am – 9:00pm

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