The MINT Gastropub

Nestled in a residential area of Northside Bethlehem is the unique The MINT Gastropub. With the menu sectioned off with titles such as “bits & bobs” and “paws & maws,” it’s hard not to be intrigued by the eclectic nature.

Lindsay and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal and dine there. There were lots of interesting options, but there was one thing that stuck out to be in particular – bone marrow garlic bread. I had no idea what it would taste like, but my adventurous side said I had to try it. To start, I ordered the bone marrow garlic bread – bone marrow, herb butter, parmesan cheese, toasted garlic and local baguette. I also ordered the perfect storm drink – Sailor Jerry, ginger beer, bruised mint leaves and Pimm’s float.


As aforementioned, I had no idea what the garlic bread would taste like. I figured it would either be delicious or terrible. Honestly, it was amazing. The bone marrow was baked in to the bread so I didn’t have to look at it while eating it (I’m open to eating anything, but sometimes getting over what you’re actually eating is the hardest part). There wasn’t anything too crazy about how it tasted – it just tasted like really rich garlic bread.

My drink was also good but very strong. The waiter saw Lindsay was struggling to drink it and he was kind enough to offer to get us a cup of ginger beer to tone it down. Our waiter was very professional and kind. The service was actually exceptional and we made sure to tip him well, especially since he offered to get us ginger beer.

For my entree, I ordered prosciutto and ricotta gnocchi – cherry tomatoes, mirepoix, sage-brown butter, parmigiano reggiano and carrot puree. The dish was the perfect size so it wasn’t too filling and it was really delicious. The carrot puree added a unique flavor, and sometimes I would get the perfectly flavorful bite. I wouldn’t order it again because it wasn’t exceptional, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed my garlic bread more, though.


To finish off my meal, I ordered dessert. I ordered a pastry with cookie dough and some form of vanilla whipped custard on top. This was the perfect way to finish my meal because it tasted like gooey cookie dough – my favorite. Everything about this meal was scrumptious, and I left happy and stuffed. 



As aforementioned, the service was phenomenal. My experience was great, and I would love to go back. The prices are quite expensive, but the food is great so it’s worth the money. The interior also has very modern decor, and it doesn’t look like what you might expect out of Bethlehem. I hope to go back and try more of their various unique cuisines.


The MINT Gastropub

1223 W Broad St, Bethlehem, PA 18018


Mon-Thur 4:27 PM–11 PM, Bar till 12 AM; Fri-Sat 4:27 PM–11 PM, Bar till 1 AM

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