Veggie Grill

Are you ever in a hurry and need some food quickly, but the only fast food options available are extremely unhealthy? I have that struggle too often, and I can’t justify eating at McDonald’s. California is so full of healthy eating options, they even have a healthy “fast food” restaurant called Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill says the vegetables are the stars of their food. They are also a meat-free restaurant, but they offer great protein alternatives. Everything on the menu is enticing, so even if you are a die-hard-meat-eater, I’m sure you’ll find something very appealing.

I ordered the Banh Mi salad for myself. It was organic pressed and glazed tofu, chargrilled eggplant, house-picked carrots, white cabbage, fresh jalapeños, basil, cilantro, mint, marinated kale lightly toasted in five-spice glaze and Sriracha. I couldn’t get over how delicious and filling this salad was. There was a slight hint of spice with the dressing, and it paired great with the sweetness of the tofu. The tofu was ridiculously good, so much so that I’m sure tofu-haters wouldn’t believe it was tofu. The cabbage added a cooling element, and all the flavors meshed well. There was a bit too much mint in it for me, though, but I still really enjoyed it. It was super filling, as well. 


Veggie Grill has a great system where you walk in, order at a register, take a number and your food is brought out to your table. It’s quick, easy and guilt-free. The cashiers were super friendly, the restaurant was very clean and the decor was appealing. The food is decently priced – my salad was about $10. I’m very sad this restaurant is only on the West coast but I would love to eat there more often. If I had a Veggie Grill by me, I’d definitely be a regular customer.

Veggie Grill

6451 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803


Mon-Sun 11:00 AM-10:00 PM

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