Wo Hop

Honestly, sometimes there’s nothing quite like greasy, bad for you Chinese food that you get at the mall. You know the kind I’m talking about. Don’t be afraid to admit you enjoy it, too.

But sometimes, we like to think a little higher of ourself (and be nicer to our arteries) by enjoying some less greasy Chinese food. Located in a basement in Chinatown is Wo Hop, a traditional Cantonese restaurant with prices as low as the basement they’re located in.

To begin, I ordered the hot and sour soup. Although it was good, my all-time favorite will forever be Jenny’s.


The roast pork lo mein was my entree of choice. I thought it was fairly good, and I really appreciated that it wasn’t too greasy. The portions are huge so you’ll either leave stuffed or bring home leftovers. 


Wo Hop is cash-only and the servers definitely work to get you in and out. The cheap prices, enormous portions and decent-quality food were enough to have the line to be seated running outside the door. Get a less-greasy Chinese craving fix at Wo Hop.


Address: 17 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Phone number: 212-962-8617

Price: $ Cheap.

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 AM-7 AM

Service: Average.

Atmosphere: Casual.

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